V SBFA Prize


Due to a problem identified in the email account sbfa2018essayprize@gmail.com, it becamed impractical to use and a new account was created for the submission of articles wishing to compete for the SBFA Prize. Thus, we kindly request that both those who submitted their work and those who have not already done so send their essays to: vsbfaprize@gmail.com.

The submission deadline is August 10th, 2018.


V SBFA Organizing Commitee 

On the occasion of the conference, the Brazilian Society for Analytic Philosophy will award essay prizes in the following areas of analytic philosophy:

Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Epistemology and Philosophy of Science

Ethics, Normativity and Political Philosophy
Metaphysics and Ontology
Logic and Philosophy of Logic

Philosophy of Mathematics

The prizes are restricted to junior candidates. So, we invite Ph.D students and early career scholars (up to three years after completing their Ph.D) to submit an unpublished essay in one of the aforementioned areas. The candidates are required to take part in the conference and pay the conference fee.  The essay must match the submitted abstract and the latter must have been accepted for the conference. Only one submission per author(s) is allowed. 

The essay should not exceed 10,000 words (including abstract, keywords, footnotes, and references) in length and be written in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French. The manuscripts must be prepared for blind refereeing, which means that authors should omit remarks and references that might disclose their identities.

The submission deadline is August 10th, 2018.

The winners will be announced September 14, 2018 and will have their essay published (after suitable revisions) as book section at EDUFBA (Federal University of Bahia Press).

The submissions must be sent electronically to sbfa2018essayprize@gmail.com with the subject 'SBFA 2018 Essay Prizes'. Please include the following information in the email: full name, status (Ph.D or Ph.D student), Ph.D completion date, institution of affiliation.

The committee below, appointed by the V SBFA Conference Organizing Committee, will determine the winning essays (yet will not respond to requests for information).

Essay Prizes Committee (by areas):

  • Chair: Marco Ruffino (UNICAMP)
  • Philosophy of Language: Eleonora Orlando (Universidad de Buenos Aires, SADAF)
  • Philosophy of Mind: AndrĂ© Leclerc (UnB)
  • Epistemology and Philosophy of Science: Sofia Stein (UNISINOS)
  • Ethics, Normativity, and Political Philosophy: Adriano Naves de Brito (UNISINOS)
  • Metaphysics and Ontology: Guido Imaguire (UFRJ)
  • Logic and Philosophy of Logic: Luiz Carlos Pereira (PUC-Rio, UERJ)
  • Philosophy of Mathematics: Oswaldo Chateaubriand (PUC-Rio)

For any questions or for further information, please use the following contact: